Our Mission

Our mission is simple — to connect people interested in the arts to the organizations and individuals that offer arts-related events and education. An organization or individual (e.g. entertainer, teacher) can be one offering any of the following types of arts or cultural events, education or news:

Art Shows
Book Arts, Paper Arts & Printmaking
Concerts, Musical Instruments & Voice
Dance, Theater & Performance
Digital Arts
Drawing & Painting
Ecology & Nature Arts
Glass, Metal & Woodworking
History & Museums
Photography & Film
Poetry & Writing
Sculpture & Pottery
Yoga & Healing Arts

Well, you say…what else? I suppose we will come up with more on this, and there may be those that would want to read it. But, rather than wasting precious time writing more words that mean little, we'd rather be building you a better site.

So, take a look through our site, attend some events, take some classes, send us the names of organizations or artists that you think might like to be listed or sign up your organization! Also, please let us know what you like and don't like about this site. We really do want to know.