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Membership — Membership is free to all arts organizations and artists. All you need to do is sign up! We review each submission and contact you via email regarding your account activation status. Expect an email from us within 48 hours.

Member Pages — All Member listings and detail pages are free. It is like a mini-web site without the expense!

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Advertising on is easy and affordable. We have many different ways for you or your organization to get your message out.

Premium ($2/week) & Platinum Listings ($3/week) — To bring more attention to your listings without the expense of an ad, you may want to consider upgrading certain events, educational activities, or announcement listings for limited periods of time. These display at the top of each search result page as appropriate. Due to the limited number of slots(10) we are making available, these listings should be ordered far in advance for the event you wish to promote.

Super Listings — Upgrading some of your listings to Super LIstings ($5/week) can drive traffic directly from our Home Page to each event detail or your organization page. Due to the limited number of slots(30) we are making available for Super listings, these should be ordered far in advance for the event you wish to promote.

Banners Ads — A variety of ad spaces are available throughout our site argueably at the best prices in the universe, ranging from $5-$15 per week. Yes, that is NOT a misprint! By going national, we are able to provide prices that even a struggling artist can afford.These are on a first come first served basis, so if there is an ad space you would like to have, order far in advance.

Spotlights — These Home Page positions (maximum of 2 at any one time at $25/week) highlight information about an organization, artist, event, etc. and gives maximum exposure.

Classifieds — Our classified listings ($5/week) are a great place to let people know what you have to offer for sale at a minimal cost. These are national listings so visitors from all the states have access to them.

Co-Op Advertising — We regularly plan direct mail campaigns and advertising. You can place your message along with ours without incurring the high cost of these on your own. It helps us out and gives you more exposure while keeping costs down. Costs are again minimal and depend upon the size of campaign.