About LinkToTheArts.com

LinkToTheArts.com is the brain-child of White Lights Concepts, LLC and a couple of frustrated artists, who got very tired of looking for arts resources on hundreds of web sites. With the combined talent of over 50 years in graphic design and web, software and database development, we took things into our own hands. We felt there was a great need to gather information into one comprehensive resource. So, here it is…LinkToTheArts.com.

Many, many hours of research and development time have already gone into creating this site and many more will be spent to continue improving it. We hope it becomes the first place you go for arts information. We want you to find the creative spark you seek.

The Frustrated Artists

Michelle Szabo, The Creative Force, is the creative energy behind the site. Her art background spans graphic design, singing (opera and Broadway mostly), theater, musical theater, photography, painting and illustration. By day, she heads White Light Concepts and has developed web, multimedia, video, 3D and print projects. She has also written numerous articles and several books on the web and 3D and has taught at School of Visual Arts and other venues across the US and Canada.

Dennis Grega, PhD, Technical Wanderer, is the master database developer and programmer extraordinaire. His creative passion lies in music and playing guitar. He has written over 60 songs and has performed in several bands in Greenwich Village and other New York City clubs. By day, he has spent most of his time developing software applications and database-backed web sites for such clients as Lockheed-Martin, NASA, Ernst & Young, Elvis Presley Enterprises, US Trust and many others.

Our Reach

Initially we launched in the state of Connecticut and provided events, educational activities, and announcements along with organization and artist listings for Connecticut and neighboring communities in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Currently, our reach is the entire United States but localized for easy searching by state, county, metro area, city/town, category, and date. Be sure to visit us often to see new listings and organizations that are added regularly. If you are an organization or artist and don't see yourself on our lists, please request a FREE listing or contact us.

Want To See This Site Grow?

We are committed to continued development of LinkToTheArts.com. If you or your organization are in a position to help us promote or develop this site with contributions of funds, time, or talent, please contact us through our Support Us page, our Contact Us page or by calling 203-791-8599.